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Investing in People is a prestigious certifying programme dedicated to employers who support their employees in their professional development, perfecting personal competences, trainings, creating career paths, and integration around adopted organizational culture.

The Investing in People programme is the initiative of Centrum Innowacji ProLearning. It was created with a view to promoting companies which, regardless to a number of employees, care about the constant development of their personnel. Investing in People title will be granted to companies which have become a role model in caring about stimulation and activation potential in a team. Effectiveness and realisation of these aims in every organization depends to a large degree on its undertaken strategy and HR policy. Therefore, actions should be concentrated on creating such work conditions for the employees so that they would be willing to stay and develop within the organization. It is necessary to understand the matter that every employee and his or her individual skills are a capital of an enterprise, and thus constitute a key factor in building the value of the entire company and in shaping its image.

The idea of Investing in People is based on the best international patterns of external certifications of economical entities in the field of investing in human capital. Only a conscious and systematic building of development path of employees by organizations can bring measurable profits. Working in a given organization should also provide pleasure, feeling of meaning and relevance of performed tasks, which will subsequently put the basis for long-term relations and loyal employees.

Objective of the programme is to distinct and indicate positive patterns in competency management within organizations in pursuance of the idea of knowledge-based economy.

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